Planned race,
improved experience

Enjoying a race to the maximum is doing so safely and with a correct plan. There is nothing worse than failing because of a bad strategy. Achieve your objectives with a perfect plan of paces/speed and nutrition.

It doesn’t matter how much you train, without a strategy you are lost

Gretel is a free tool, easy to use and within everyone’s reach. Use it to create your plan and enjoy the race.

How does Gretel work?

1. Complete your profile

Fill in the nutritional information so that Gretel calculates the amount of CHO/Kcal for you that you allocate for each segment of the race.

2. View the race

You have all of the technical information about the race available to you, warnings, type of terrain… So that you can anticipate better what you are facing.

3. Paces and times

You already know what the race is like, it’s time to apply your paces so you’ll know what time you will pass by the refreshment stations and the estimated total time of your race.

4. Nutrition

Allocate the amount of nutrition you need according to the time of each segment, that way you will be able to maintain a high pace throughout the time and prevent unforeseen circumstances.

5. Printing

Print your plan to be able to check it during the race. If you see a date of printing, it means that the organisation has decided to print it on a hard wearing and waterproof material.

6. Enjoy

Follow your strategy during the race and enjoy the experience with no worries.