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Gretel Planner brings together everything necessary to correctly plan a race. The organisers report each detail about the race and its route, and the participants apply their strategy of paces/speed and nutrition according to their objectives and abilities.

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Thanks to the Gretel platform, you will be able to inform participants perfectly of what your race is like, routes, warnings, precautions, etc. So that they can have a perfect overview of the route. Enhance their experience thanks to correct planning.


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Turn your race into an unforgettable experience

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With Gretel you will fully plan your race easily, quickly and at no cost, making your execution and experience perfect. Forget about notes, calculations and notes on your skin or bib.


A full picture of the race thanks to the information provided by the organisation.


Plan each segment applying your paces/speed according to distance, gradients and tiredness. That way you will find out your times as you pass each refreshment station.


Spread out each food, drink and supplements to know what and when to have them.


Simply enjoy the race and achieve your objectives thanks to your perfect strategy.

Elena A.

I think it’s essential to be able to plan your races and plan everything you’re going to need. It’s very easy to use and intuitive!

Gretel User

Sergio V.

In long mountain races, planning is key to achieve your objectives

Gretel User

Carlos V.

The strategy helps a lot. It gives peace of mind

Gretel User

Rafael C.

It has affected me positively, so I don’t overdo it and know how to pace my efforts

Usuario de Gretel